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5:29VLOG: Its The Ship 2017

VLOG: Its The Ship 2017

1 month ago - 10,897 views
Watch in 1080p* Filmed parts of my time on board Genting Dream for this year's ITS THE SHIP 4D3N party cruise!!! Enjoy ♡ ---
6:02VLOG: Surprising my Boyfriend & Friends in Singapore

VLOG: Surprising my Boyfriend & Friends in Singapore

3 months ago - 41,187 views
Watch in 1080p* Took a plane over to Singapore for a little over a week during my mid-sem break to surprise my boyfriend and
18:10Chatty Get Ready With Us Ft. Ellena Young

Chatty Get Ready With Us Ft. Ellena Young

4 months ago - 12,269 views
Hello! I'm back with a new video and it's LONG so grab your popcorn and watch it. Ellena is currently in Melbourne *sobs* so editing
4:13CHALLENGE: Drawing with Melina

CHALLENGE: Drawing with Melina

3 months ago - 4,318 views
Watch in 1080p* Here's a little challenge video that I filmed with Melina before I came to Australia. Hope you guys enjoyed it! ♡ ---


6 months ago - 40,258 views
Decided to do a little Q&A and announce my departure while I'm at it before I leave! Come with me on my journey to Melbourne by
1:13Danzation 2013 Solo #136 Ellena Young

Danzation 2013 Solo #136 Ellena Young

4 years ago - 25,502 views
2:42"No Sex" Excuses Your Girlfriend Gives

"No Sex" Excuses Your Girlfriend Gives

1 year ago - 395,365 views
"Baby I'm having my period." What are some of the excuses your girlfriend gives? Trevmonki Official Social Media Instagram @ http://


2 years ago - 27,182 views
Wanted to do a Q&A for the longest time so here it (finally) is! Hope you guys enjoyed watching it. :) Comment down below if you
3:55If Instagram Users Were Honest

If Instagram Users Were Honest

2 years ago - 231,643 views
The title says it all, if instagram users were honest! Some are exaggerated for entertainment purposes so if yall are offended, go
4:38VLOG: Its The Ship 2016 Day 1

VLOG: Its The Ship 2016 Day 1

1 year ago - 26,432 views
Part 1/3 of my vlog for Its The Ship 2016! This was actually the first time I was using a GoPro to actually vlog and I didn't realise that


1 year ago - 26,383 views
Here's a short video basically summarising what I did during my trip to Bali with my boyfriend and two friends during late December
15:52CHALLENGE: The First Year Tag

CHALLENGE: The First Year Tag

2 years ago - 63,528 views
Finally had the time to finish editing this video for you guys! Our First Year Anniversary was actually on the 8th of March. Long due,
4:54Extreme Singaporean Girlfriend?!

Extreme Singaporean Girlfriend?!

3 months ago - 71,191 views
Okay maybe just weird... We are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to The Addams Family Musical Comedy so don't forget to answer the
2:54When You Are Caught Looking

When You Are Caught Looking

2 years ago - 43,125 views
Boys will always be boys and we are not going to lie, certain situations are pretty much based on our lives :) So we hope you guys
2:204 Ways To Counter The Heat in Singapore

4 Ways To Counter The Heat in Singapore

2 years ago - 220,466 views
Ever wondered how to beat the heat in Singapore? Watch this video and find out some silly ways to counter the heat in Singapore,
2:546 Types of Office Relationships

6 Types of Office Relationships

2 years ago - 94,782 views
There are 6 types of office relationships shown in this video, so which one are you? There are definitely more to this and this is just
1:55Expectations Vs Reality: Couple Sleeping Positions

Expectations Vs Reality: Couple Sleeping Positions

10 months ago - 40,013 views
How do you sleep? Trevmonki Official Social Media Instagram @ http://instagram.com/Trevmonki Facebook @ https://www.facebook
3:14Types of Students during Recess

Types of Students during Recess

2 years ago - 215,063 views
So how many types of students during recess can you relate to? We definitely missed out some so do let us know in the comment
3:179 Solutions for Lazy People

9 Solutions for Lazy People

2 years ago - 53,428 views
It's a new year and here are some solutions for all you lazy people out there! Enjoy! :) Big shoutout to Hoverboard Singapore for
2:38Types of Snapchat Users in Singapore

Types of Snapchat Users in Singapore

2 years ago - 106,506 views
So which one are you? This is based on our personal experiences and if we missed out any points, do let us know by commenting