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Em Biết - Trịnh Đình Quang (Official MV) - Nhạc Trẻ Hay Nhất 2017

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Official Music Video - Trinh Dinh Quang - I Know. Listen to the youngest new song from Trinh Dinh Quang: I know.
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Song: I know
Ca sĩ: Trịnh Đình Quang
Hiding in time quickly drifted away in the past
Hidden in memory of tan under the vanity into oblivion
Want to try to forget the passion, love forever away from each other
Letting my tears fall apart by the pain.

Reminds me of trying to forget you but why do not you?
Knowing this time I'm happy or I'm sad somewhere else
The warmth of my heart is still warm, with my nostalgic desire
Do you know I still love you.

Do you know that now he is thinking
Do you know the wind screaming around him cry alone
Although we are separated from the two sky, love road split two people
Do you know that I love you so much?

Rain is falling so that I can be with you forever
I'm going to see you forever
Even though I'm far away, I still love you so much
You know I still love, love you.
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The song I know by Trinh Dinh Quang, was previously sung by Chu Bin, titled "Xa em brother still love".

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