Railway Empire Mexico gameplay | Mexico scenario part 1 | colonel failure
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Railway Empire Mexico gameplay | Mexico scenario part 1 | colonel failure

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Kênh: Colonel Failure
Railway Empire Mexico gameplay | Mexico scenario part 1 | colonel failure Returning to Railway Empire with the new Mexico expansion. In this first part we look at the new scenario and the two new locomotives all delivered with a healthy amount of Mexican flavour. In the next part we'll look at night mode and see if we can resolve Mexico's infrastructure demands. This is Railway Empire Mexico DLC gameplay.

Here's the description:

Discover the diversity of Mexico - take on new and challenging missions in the arid northern regions all the way to the dense jungles in the south of the country. Boost Mexico’s economy in the new scenario by building a thriving infrastructure and exporting to the USA.

New scenario: “Viva Mexico!” (1873-1893)
Map expansion: Mexico (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes)
New goods (e.g. coffee and sugar) and more than 24 new cities
New engines: Fairlie (0-6-6-0) and Stirling (4-2-2)
Explore the world of Railway Empire in a new exclusive night mode

Take a seat, grab a drink and sit back to the relaxing sound of plans being drawn then abandoned within minutes.

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