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Vietnamese TV series HOA HONG THEP
Period: 30 minutes (70 episodes)
Genre: Action, Crime and Gangster
Nation: Vietnam
Release year: 2018
Writer: Huynh Lan
Director: Nguyen Thanh Vinh
Production company: Hoa Binh Media
Production Director: Vu Ngoc Ha
Casts: Trang Phi (Nga), Hieu Nguyen (Khang), Phan Thi Mo (Ngan), Thuy Pham (Hong), Huynh Kim Khanh (Sen), Quach Ngoc Tuyen (Khiem), Khoi Tran (Trong)…
Content summary: The 2018 latest TV series brings rouge stories about unsolved criminal cases. HOA HONG THEP is the stories of 4 young ladies: Hong, Ngan, Nga, Sen. With 4 different personalities, they fall into many situations which make themself don't know whether to laugh or to cry as they are in the Special Police Class.
Besides bringing rouge stories about unsolved criminal cases, HOA HONG THEP also discloses the secrets behind every villain. The series are also about the battle between the good and the bad in a dark world where only money and crimes can survive. The unequal battles occur everyday and many innocent lives are sacrificed. What is the final outcome for the law-darers?

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