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56 Al Waq'iah (complete)+(Urdu translation) | Surah

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56 Al Waq'iah (complete)+(Urdu translation) | Surah Surah 56 - Al Waq'iah THE INEVITABLE
056.001 When the Event inevitable cometh to pass,

056.002 Then will no (soul) entertain falsehood concerning its coming.

056.003 (Many) will it bring low; (many) will it exalt;

056.004 When the earth shall be shaken to its depths,

056.005 And the mountains shall be crumbled to atoms,

056.006 Becoming dust scattered abroad,

056.007 And ye shall be sorted out into three classes.

056.008 Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right Hand;- What will be the Companions of the Right Hand?

056.009 And the Companions of the Left Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Left Hand?

056.010 And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter).

056.011 These will be those Nearest to God:

056.012 In Gardens of Bliss:

056.013 A number of people from those of old,

056.014 And a few from those of later times.

056.015 (They will be) on Thrones encrusted (with gold and precious stones),

056.016 Reclining on them, facing each other.

056.017 Round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness),

056.018 With goblets, (shining) beakers, and cups (filled) out of clear-flowing fountains:

056.019 No after-ache will they receive therefrom, nor will they suffer intoxication:

056.020 And with fruits, any that they may select:

056.021 And the flesh of fowls, any that they may desire.

056.022 And (there will be) Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes,-

056.023 Like unto Pearls well-guarded.

056.024 A Reward for the deeds of their past (life).

056.025 Not frivolity will they hear therein, nor any taint of ill,-

056.026 Only the saying, "Peace! Peace".

056.027 The Companions of the Right Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Right Hand?

056.028 (They will be) among Lote-trees without thorns,

056.029 Among Talh trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another,-

056.030 In shade long-extended,
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