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3 Ways To Style: Socks & Slide (Affordable vs. Designer)

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Some people hate them, some people love them - I happen to fall in the latter category and I’m sharing with you three ways to wear the ‘Socks & Slides’ trend!

➫ Grailed -

As usual, I've left links to the items shown in the video as well as my personal Grailed account where you might catch some steals. Due to the nature of some of the items shown - I’ve included some alternatives! Oh and before I forget, some of the links provided are indeed affiliated, meaning that if you cop through my link mans get a cut, so knock yourself out!

➫ ASOS Rodeo Short Sleeve Shirt -
➫ Junya Watanabe Black Cord Trousers (ON SALE) -
➫ ASOS Stone Slide Sandals -

➫ Balenciaga Black Cap -
➫ Christian Roth Sunglasses -
➫ Dries Van Noten Abstract Print Shirt (ON SALE) -
➫ Dries Van Noten Abstract Print Shorts (ON SALE) -
➫ Dries Van Noten Floral Shorts (ON SALE) -
➫ ASOS Black Strap Sandals -

➫ Bare Knuckles Striped Denim Jacket -
➫ Bare Knuckles Washed Black T-Shirt -
➫ Acne Studios Ari Black Straight Leg Trousers -
➫ Prada Clip Buckle Black Slides -
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