5 Things To Know Before You Travel In Vietnam | Travel (TV Genre)
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5 Things To Know Before You Travel In Vietnam | Travel (TV Genre)

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5 Things To Know Before You Travel In Vietnam | Travel (TV Genre) Traveling in Vietnam is an absolutely amazing experience. The people, food and culture is wonderful. Here are 5 things you need to know before traveling in Vietnam!

1) You will see more motorcycles in one place than you have ever seen in your entire life. Literally there are thousands of them. It's the easiest form of transportation in Ho Chi Minh City (formally Saigon). As a result, you'll see a lot of people wearing masks to protect their faces from the exhaust. In addition people will pack as much on a single motorcycles as possible, including families of 4 with their stuff. Because of all the traffic in the city, it's also very, very difficult to cross the street as there really aren't any traffic laws (that are enforced at least). So to cross the street you've just got to look for an opening and go, but be VERY careful, and never run just walk, they'll move around you.

2) There is FANTASTIC food. There are sanitation issues with water so I'd be careful not to eat anything that isn't boiled or cooked very well just to be on the safe side and be sure to eat some Pho.

3) Vietnam is still a developing country and as a result people are more desperate to make money…so be careful with your stuff i.e money, wallet, camera. If it's left out it will magically disappear. If it's in your pocket it may magically disappear. Pick-pocketing is a real thing and at times they work in groups so make sure everything is not only away, but in a zipped pocket or a pocket that will take you some time to get something out.

4) Shopping! Go shopping, things are very, very cheap. 21,200 dong = 1 USD. Make sure you bargain and never take your money out until a set price as been decided, otherwise the price just might go up, and don't lie about not having the money because when you pull out your money they'll notice you had more, just be honest and say you don't want to pay that much for something. Your can also get your nails done, get a massage or even get a custom made suit. A 6ft guy got a custom made suit, with nice material for $220 USD. It's insane. Just don't take advantage of others and make sure no one is taking advantage of you.

5) You'll learn a lot more about the Vietnam War (The War of Vietnam as they call it). If you're an American the sentiment may feel anti-American in some places like the Cu Chi Tunnels as well as the War Remnants Museum. This may make you feel uncomfortable (if you're an American) but it's their perspective. Personally I think there is value in learning as much about a topic as possible. However everyone was very open and kind and the overall sentiment was leaving the past in the past and working towards a better and brighter future.

Side note: What I don't mention in the video is that there are also a lot of French people because the Vietnamese were under the control of the French for about 100 years and there is a lot of influence in their architecture. I was referred to as Madame a lot which showcases the continued strong french influence.

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