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Trần Ngọc Ánh - Nâng Được Thì Buông Được | Tập 1 Vòng Giấu Mặt | The Voice - Giọng Hát Việt 2018

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Trần Ngọc Ánh sings Nang Duoc Thi Buong Duoc | Blind Audition episode 1 | The Voice Vietnam 2018

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The Voice Vietnam 2018 with 4 Trainers: Thu Phuong, Lam Truong, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Toc Tien

The Voice Vietnam is a talent search competition, giving the opportunity for singing enthusiasts to shine on the professional stage. There is no star of success without talent and hard work. Therefore, all contestants will have to undergo many challenges in order to achieve the highest position. They are really capable and converge enough factors to pursue a professional career.

The core values ​​The Voice wants to affirm and emphasize are excellence in singing, which is a prerequisite for all contestants. In contrast to other musical talent competitions, the visual and vocal elements that go together or the appearance of the candidate's appearance may be a plus for a singer who is not really good. But in this contest, the vocal element was placed first and all focused on vocals.
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