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【癒し効果】心がやすらぐ、和風曲メドレー【高音質】Traditional Japanese Music - Japan Koto Music

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【癒し効果】心がやすらぐ、和風曲メドレー【高音質】Traditional Japanese Music - Japan Koto Music


Min'yō (民謡?) is a genre of traditional Japanese music. The term is a translation of the German word "Volkslied" (folk song). Sankyoku (Japanese: 三曲 / さんきょく) is a form of Japanese chamber music played often with a vocal accompaniment. It is traditionally played on shamisen, koto, and kokyū, but more recently the kokyū has been replaced by shakuhachi.

Original music: "Minyo San Kyoku", by Doug Maxwell/ Zac Zinger (YouTube Audio Library). Please subscribe:

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