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[MV] SUNMI (선미) _ Heroine (주인공)


[MV] SUNMI (선미) _ Heroine (주인공)
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[MV] SUNMI (선미) _ Heroine (주인공)

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SUNMI releases the first single title track ‘Heroine’ in 2018, who has positioned herself as a unique female solo artist.

SUNMI’s ‘Heroine’ is a single title track released in five months after her solo comeback song ‘Gashina’, which was released in three years after disbanding and caused a ‘SUNMI’ syndrome last night, as a prequel of ‘Gashina’. The main theme of ‘Heroine’ is ‘a flower locked in ice’, describing the earlier story of ‘Gashina’ in which the woman had to accept the sad breakup by saying ‘Why do you leave behind pretty me?’ to herself. This track delicately describes the woman’s frozen heart with SUNMI’s sensibility, who gets hurt by the lopsided relationship with the person she loves but tries to understand the person.


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